Quality Astrology is a blend of the formal study of Stephanie Austin’s EcoAstrology and Jeff Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology, the books of Dane Rudhyar, and over 17 years of independent study. The blend of these perspectives creates what Rudhyar refers to as Eyes of Wholeness. Everything is relative to something else and it all exists within a larger cycle of change for a specific reason. Nothing is good or bad, it just is, and everything is accepted.

I use astrology as a frame to understand reality and as a tool to help people understand themselves and their lives. My reading won’t tell you who or what you are in a cookie-cutter type of way. Instead, after I spend time understanding your chart, both in detail and wholistically, I will custom-write a document that will deepen with meaning over the years. A Natal Reading will provide clarity about the direction your evolution is aimed at, it will speak to ways of working with the challenges and gifts given, and it will put words around sensations and understandings that may have been difficult to contextualize or make sense of.

A Quality Astrology reading will provide you with a larger frame from which to understand yourself and your life.

Quality Astrology Readings

On our Readings page, you’ll find readings of all types, from the very personal Solar Return to the inter-personal Relationship Readings, from the very deep Natal Readings to the more day-to-day type of Current Concerns Reading.

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