Sun into Cancer

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Today, Wednesday, June 21st, 5:24am Barcelona time, the Sun will move into the constellation of Cancer and we will experience the Summer Solstice. Mercury and the Sun are traveling very near to each other right now (from our perspective) so they both will enter Cancer at the same time.

When Sun and Mercury are conjunct we feel very much identified with our thoughts. We can even begin to believe that our thoughts ARE us. If Mercury and the Sun are conjunct in your natal chart, it may be difficult to accept when someone you care about doesn’t agree with your ideas, so closely identified are the two things for you. When both Mercury and the Sun enter cancer Wednesday morning, we will notice how our life-force and our thoughts change speed and begin to focus on family, home, and those things that make us feel safe and secure.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon who is receptive, accepting and vulnerable. These qualities need some sort of protective shell in order for them to remain intact and healthy when faced with the outside world. The crab is the perfect symbol of Cancer, being soft on the inside and hard on the outside. Like a crab, when Cancerian people discover something that makes them feel safe, they grab onto it with their claws and don’t let go. Indeed, the needs of the crab to feel safe can make moving forward in life difficult. With something or someone clutched in its claws, the crab isn’t able to walk forward. Instead, they must walk backwards dragging their claws and the thing/person they think they must have to feel safe. In true watery fashion, Cancers don’t tend to directness.

People with Pluto in the 4th House (or with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Cancer) are working on emotional maturity. They are learning how to know and trust themselves so they can know and trust others. The key to doing that is becoming aware of emotional triggers and then focusing on why they feel so strongly. It’s very common for 4th House Pluto people to be born into a family where one or both parents were emotionally absent. This throws the person into parenting themselves and begins the journey toward emotional maturity. However, because of the emotional abandonment, often these people are a bottomless well of neediness. To gather to them that which will make them feel safe, Cancerians have a tendency to create dependencies in relationships so their partner ‘needs’ them for some reason. The more unconscious the person the more they will tend toward passive-aggressiveness.


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