Current Events: changing energy

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Doesn’t it feel like the speed of life has picked up? We can feel the energy is moving differently now than it was moving just last week. That’s because, this week, all three of the inner, personal planets will change signs. 

On January 7, Mars moved into Taurus after six months in Aries. Mars normally spends about six weeks in a sign, but last year, just after entering his home sign of Aries, Mars stationed retrograde, which made his stay in that sign much longer than usual. While Mars was in Aries, we felt energized, like our internal fires were stoked, and getting what we wanted seemed not only possible, but easy to achieve. Mars entering Taurus is like down-shifting in a car. The mechanism is spinning wildly but we are going slower now. Getting things done, in these next six weeks, will take consistency and perseverance. While Mars is in Taurus, we will be driven to achieve financial stability and a safe, warm, beautiful place in which we feel secure. 

January 8, Venus moved into Capricorn for a four week visit. Venus in Capricorn echoes Mars in Taurus in that they are both concerned about safety, financial security, and having nice things. Venus in Capricorn values the status quo and social status. She is attracted to authority figures and loves to be with the family (or with someone who makes her feel safe). For the next thirty days, we will be especially driven to get ahead at work. 

On January 8, Mercury moves into Aquarius, signaling a shift in the way we are thinking and what we are thinking about. For the next three weeks, our thoughts will fly in new directions, we’ll be more open to trying new things, and we will be connecting online more with people (and groups of people) who share our values and interests. We will be thinking about the future and how we can participate in shaping a more progressive world. 

The characteristics of these shifts are mitigated by the placement of these signs in your natal chart. If you’d like to see where these movements are happening in your chart, just send me your birthdata, and I will send you your chart with a few words about how these shifts may affect you personally.

Sun into Virgo

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Saturday, the 22nd of August, 2020, the Sun moved into the constellation of Virgo. This month is about making adjustments and preparations. We will organize our days for the coming months and we’ll streamline the daily routines.

The planets that orbit the Sun within Earth’s orbit, Venus and Mercury, have phases, from our perspective. In the zodiac, they each have two expressions, one inward-turned and one outward-turned. Mercury’s outward-turned, masculine expression, rules Gemini. Mercury’s inward turned, feminine expression rules Virgo.


People with Pluto in the 6th house, their Sun in Virgo, or Pluto in Virgo (born between 1958 and 1971 or between April and July of 1972) are learning humility and discrimination byway of intense self-analysis, purification, self-doubt, and by cultivating a relationship with Source. We are dissolving inferiority/superiority complexes, purging all traces of self-glorification and delusions of grandeur, and releasing the domination/submission paradigm from our psychic structure. These complexes are the residue from many lifetimes of experience with organized religion.

Indeed, the Virgo Generation is seen as the wave of people who will transition humanity out the monotheistic Piscean age to the Age of hive-mind of Aquarius. We are the ones who will witness the change of humanity from analog to digital, from binary to full spectrum, from one’s sense of belonging coming from the family and church to a sense of belonging coming from technologically-connected groups of like-minded individuals.


In Evolutionary Astrology, there is a common teaching about Virgo. It begins with a recap of the archetype that comes just prior to Virgo, Leo. Leo sees itself as the apex of a pyramid. Everyone and everything, in a Leonian reality, is assessed by their/it’s ability to assist the apex person in being their best self, in shaping their reality with the force of their creative willpower. In Virgo, the pyramid is inverted. The person must now learn humility. If they refuse to learn it, they will experience humiliation instead.

An important piece of information for Virgos or those with their Pluto in Virgo or in the 6th house, is to beware of fixating too much on what you think isn’t working or isn’t good enough. Too much left-brain, critical thought will decrease your ability to express your deepest creativity. Too, don’t waste too much time or energy in procrastination, guilt, or compulsively examining the past. Assuage those feelings of deep aloneness and align your thought waves with meditation and music. Be of service by noticing what needs to be done and then being the person who does it. Respond to crisis by adjusting what isn’t working with self-improvement. And recognize that you are no less important nor more important than anyone else.

Sun into Gemini

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The Sun moved into the constellation of Gemini. That means that for the next month or so the moving around of information will be the main focus. Each of us will probably change the way we think about a certain thing while the Sun moves through Gemini. Movement and a shifting perspective are the themes.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet closed to the Sun. Like Venus, the other planet inside our orbit to the Sun, Mercury has phases and never gets more than a certain number of degrees away from the Sun from our perspective on Earth. In Mercury’s case, he never gets more than 28º in front of or behind the Sun (again, from our perspective) before stationing retrograde or direct.

Mythologically speaking, Jupiter is the king of the gods and Mercury is his youngest son. Representative of the mind, Mercury is the fastest god in heaven. Because of his objectivity, Mercury is trusted by all the gods to carry messages on their behalf. And because of that, he is the only god able to come and go freely from both Heaven and Hell. (Which is reflected in the fact that it has the highest orbital eccentricity of all the planets). The speed associated with the god Mercury is reflected in the fact that the planet Mercury zips around the Sun in 88 days, making one year on Mercury about 88 days. But because Mercury is spinning on it’s axis really slowly, a single day there is about 176 Earth days long! Also, because Mercury has almost no atmosphere, the temperature isn’t at all regulated, so the side facing the Sun gets as hot as 450ºC, while the side facing away from the Sun gets as cold as -170ºC.

Clearly, Gemini is an archetype of extremes (speaking vs listening, reacting vs responding, left brain vs right brain, etc.), but that is because it is seeking to dissolve polarity. Techniques that help one quiet the mind and explore mind/body connection are especially beneficial for Geminis. There isn’t anyone alive today who was born with Pluto in Gemini, but plenty of people were born with Pluto in the 3rd house. According to Evolutionary Astrology, people with Pluto in the 3rd house, or with the Sun, Moon, South Node or Ascendant in Gemini, are learning that everything is relative. In previous lives, they became too certain and dogmatic about things, and in this life will learn that the mind can only know so much. Gemini or 3rd house people are developing their intuitive perceptions through dialog with others and are learning the relativity of truth. Those with the South Node or Pluto in the 3rd house often have a tendency to want to hide gaps in their knowledge base or be afraid of/avoid information that might undermine their beliefs.

The highest expression of Pluto in the 3rd house is found in the opposing archetype, Sagittarius. Someone with Pluto in the 3rd house will be ‘getting it’ when they understand truth vs fact or opinion, when they are able to connect facts to wisdom, identify the essence of any question, and have learned how to listen without feeling the need to defend their ideas.


If this information speaks to you, grab your birthdata and send me a message. I’d love to talk with you about your unique energy signature.

Current Events: 3 Planets Change Signs + 2 Planets Turn Retrograde

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Because Venus and Mercury orbit between the Earth and the Sun, they are never more than a certain number of degrees away from the Sun from our perspective. For example, Mercury will never be more than 16º in front of the Sun before it stations retrograde. Then it moves backwards (again, from our perspective) until it is 16º behind the Sun at which time it stations direct and begins running ahead again past the Sun, repeating the pattern ad infinitum. Venus never gets more than 42º away from the Sun. She makes a similar pattern to that which Mercury makes, although in true Venusian style, her retrograde pattern makes a lovely, 5-pointed star.

Mercury and Venus (and Mars) are called the ‘personal planets’ because those archetypes make up the overtly personal parts of a person, the parts of the psyche that others see and deal with on a daily basis. When two or three of the personal planets are in the same sign as the Sun they set a strong, unified archetypal tone. This month of February, however, it won’t be at all like that. The planets are all over the place.


For several weeks Mars and Venus have been traveling together in the last degrees of Pisces. On January 28, Mars left Pisces and entered Aries. Meanwhile, the Sun is in Aquarius and Mercury is in Capricorn: all the personal planets are in different signs! And Mars is in his home sign, Aries, which gives us all a fiery push toward getting our needs met.

In addition to the aforementioned combination of energies, Venus and Jupiter will both go retrograde this month, too. The various conflicting energies and Mars in Aries gives us an underlying sensation that things are in flux. Indeed, they are, specifically in the area of relationships and/or money. But before we change things, we must first pull back the curtain and see things as they are.

Today, Friday, February 3, Venus will enter Aries. She’ll cruise along in Aries for a month initiating new projects, relationships and sources of income. Then, on March 4th, Venus will slow down and stop (from our perspective) at 13º of Aries. For the next month, she will go backwards over those first 13º of Aries again, getting a better look at the relationships or streams of income that we began in early February. The issue is whether or not things are in balance. Fear and anger is to be expected. Consider matters introspectively for the month of March, using, as much as possible, the objectivity made available by Mercury in Aquarius. The first half of April is the best time to let go of resentment, anger, delusions, and the relationships that are not in balance. (∞)

The dance of Venus passing back and forth over the ASC point asks us to take a second look at our values, the fundamental dynamics of our relationships, and our relationship with money. It’s a time of resetting self-esteem and up-leveling our relationship with our self and to our own talents.


Supporting the work of Venus in the re-calibrating of our relationships is Jupiter who will turn retrograde February 6 at 23º of Libra. As he moves backwards a full 10º in Libra, the sign of balance-seeking, we will be encouraged to look at our values and beliefs, at how we spend our money, and whether or not our relationships are in balance. Jupiter and Venus (and Mars and Mercury!) are working together this spring to force us to reconsider the recent new beginnings and help us see where we are being excessive and delusional in relationships. (@)

Mercury is between retrograde cycles these days so he’s going full-speed-ahead. He will take only two weeks to race through Aquarius (February 7 to February 25), during which time our minds will literally be racing. Our thoughts will be focused on the groups we are part of (or want to be part of) and our dreams for the future. In February, we will be more open to information and ideas from all corners. And because the mind will be superficially skipping along the surface, it will be easier to be objective. This objectivity will come in super handy as we uncover imbalances in our relationship dynamics with the retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter.
To take advantage of these energetic shifts in February, be willing to examine the balance points in your relationships: Is there as much listening as talking? As much receiving as giving? Is the attention usually centered on one person? Does each person in the relationship have the freedom to follow their desires? Also be willing to examine how your values are connected to your self-esteem. If your values, money situation or relationships need to be adjusted, you will know what you need to do by April. If by then you aren’t sure or haven’t made the changes, circumstances may change on your behalf when Jupiter stations direct in June. When Venus enters Aries (February 3), we will begin all manner of new relationships. A month later when Venus goes retrograde, she will show us where our impulsiveness, selfishness, need to be needed, and our instinctual desires pull us into delusional situations. Use the information uncovered in the retrograde period to make adjustments in relationship dynamics and personal values.
More specific information can be gleaned from your chart by penciling Venus in outside the wheel at 0º Aries and considering the information that the house placement provides.
If you don’t have a copy of your chart, but want one, grab your birthdata and contact me.

(∞) April 2, the still retrograding Venus backs out of Aries and into Pisces. On April 15, at 26º of Pisces, Venus stops (from our perspective) and begins moving forward again (stations direct).

(@) Jupiter will be retrograde until June 9.