Sun into Leo

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Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 11:46am Barcelona time, the Sun will move into Leo. There is a reason why this archetype is known to be a lover of the spotlight. As the 5th archetype of the wheel, Leo is a smooth 120º trine from the beginning of the cycle, the Ascendant/1st house. Indeed, Leo is the second fire sign and, as such, it is the personal embodiment of the essence established at the Ascendant, the personality. When the Sun is in Leo we want to fall in love, play in the sun, and express our creative power. We’re more likely to take risks, to gamble, and to have affairs, too.

People with the South Node or Ascendant in Leo, or have Pluto in the 5th house, are learning to take charge of their life, to seize destiny and shape it with the strength of their will. They are focused on honing their creativity and looking for it’s ‘right application’. In it’s higher expressions, this archetype is also about learning that, yes, one is a star, but also, there are billions of other stars just in our galaxy alone.

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Jeff Wolf Green, the founder (with Steven Forrest) of Evolutionary Astrology, describes this archetype as a pyramid with the Leo person acting as if they are the apex. These folks tend to operate in life as if everything and everyone around them is of service to their needs and desires. If they resist or avoid honing a talent or putting themselves out there, they might manipulate or take emotional risks to gain the attention they seek. When they are off-balance, they appear to be giving but really the giving is about them, not other people. Periodic shocks in life show Leo individuals the motivations behind their desires. The attention-loving reputation Leo’s have is for a reason. It’s true they need applause, recognition, and approval, and also, that an intense focus on one’s self isn’t necessarily narcissistic. This part of the cycle is about rediscovering self (usually, after trauma) and the learning of objectivity. Often, folks with 5th house Pluto’s have strong-willed children so they can experience the intense conflict of wills that eventually produces detachment and objectivity.

The placement of Leo, the Sun, and the sign ruling the 5th house all show the way a person organizes their life. In the same way our Sun, Sol, is the central organizing principle of our Solar System, one’s natal Sun is one’s own ‘central organizing principle’. The placement of Leo, the Sun, and the sign ruling the 5th house all show what a person needs to do to feel alive. Each of us must ‘do’ our Sun if we are to feel vital and full of energy. When a person with Sun, Moon, Ascendant, South Node or Pluto in Leo or the 5th house is “getting it”, they will recognize Source as the source of their creativity and they will encourage (rather than feel threatened by) the creative development of others. They will have an objective understanding of how they fit in because they have learned to fit their gift into the needs of society.


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