Sun into Virgo

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Saturday, the 22nd of August, 2020, the Sun moved into the constellation of Virgo. This month is about making adjustments and preparations. We will organize our days for the coming months and we’ll streamline the daily routines.

The planets that orbit the Sun within Earth’s orbit, Venus and Mercury, have phases, from our perspective. In the zodiac, they each have two expressions, one inward-turned and one outward-turned. Mercury’s outward-turned, masculine expression, rules Gemini. Mercury’s inward turned, feminine expression rules Virgo.


People with Pluto in the 6th house, their Sun in Virgo, or Pluto in Virgo (born between 1958 and 1971 or between April and July of 1972) are learning humility and discrimination byway of intense self-analysis, purification, self-doubt, and by cultivating a relationship with Source. We are dissolving inferiority/superiority complexes, purging all traces of self-glorification and delusions of grandeur, and releasing the domination/submission paradigm from our psychic structure. These complexes are the residue from many lifetimes of experience with organized religion.

Indeed, the Virgo Generation is seen as the wave of people who will transition humanity out the monotheistic Piscean age to the Age of hive-mind of Aquarius. We are the ones who will witness the change of humanity from analog to digital, from binary to full spectrum, from one’s sense of belonging coming from the family and church to a sense of belonging coming from technologically-connected groups of like-minded individuals.


In Evolutionary Astrology, there is a common teaching about Virgo. It begins with a recap of the archetype that comes just prior to Virgo, Leo. Leo sees itself as the apex of a pyramid. Everyone and everything, in a Leonian reality, is assessed by their/it’s ability to assist the apex person in being their best self, in shaping their reality with the force of their creative willpower. In Virgo, the pyramid is inverted. The person must now learn humility. If they refuse to learn it, they will experience humiliation instead.

An important piece of information for Virgos or those with their Pluto in Virgo or in the 6th house, is to beware of fixating too much on what you think isn’t working or isn’t good enough. Too much left-brain, critical thought will decrease your ability to express your deepest creativity. Too, don’t waste too much time or energy in procrastination, guilt, or compulsively examining the past. Assuage those feelings of deep aloneness and align your thought waves with meditation and music. Be of service by noticing what needs to be done and then being the person who does it. Respond to crisis by adjusting what isn’t working with self-improvement. And recognize that you are no less important nor more important than anyone else.

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