Current Events: explosive energy

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[Uranus with his lightning bolt]

The energy of the next week, from January 14th to January 21st, is going to be explosive. Whether or not the explosions will be internal, made from the joy of new beginnings and the wind behind our backs, or external, made from the frustration of certain individuals remains to be seen. 

January 14th, Uranus stations direct at 6º of Taurus. For the past four months, the energy that helps us move past blockages or stiffness has been turned inward. During this time, we’ve looked inside for where we have been stuck. We’ve made either small, incremental changes (in the area of your life/chart where 6º Taurus is located) or, if we resisted those small changes, we experienced a crisis or two. In the days surrounding a planet changing direction, its energy is especially charged, so we can expect a small or large crisis in the days around January 14th as the liberating Uranian energy moves from inward to outward.

Also on that day, the Sun will be conjunct Pluto (at 24/25º of Capricorn), which indicates emotionally-messy power-struggles. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, Mars will be squaring Saturn, which is the accelerator meeting the brakes. For Saturnian individuals, this is a focusing of their ability to get stuff done, but for most of us, it’s a frustrating aspect because we want to jump but Saturn insists that we first measure the chasm, lace up our shoes carefully, and write a note to our partners before we do it. The best way to handle the energy of January 14 and 15 is to slow down. Slow way down. And, if delays happen, think of them as a gift. 

January 17th, Jupiter will square Uranus. This is an opening, a new beginning, a big leap into the future. This aspect has potentially explosive energy inside of it as well, but the tension created by this square prefers to be released with joy rather than frustration. This is a significant aspect that shows that we are turning a corner and are beginning a period of expansion, opportunity and optimism. 

January 20th, the Sun enters Aquarius, and Mars makes a conjunction with Uranus. This is going to be a big day. The Sun entering Aquarius marks a month of quickening energies that seek to move us from the status quo of Capricorn into a more progressive, tolerant future. The conjunction of Mars and Uranus is like the meeting of a box of matches and a stick of dynamite. This aspect echoes what the insurrectionists have said they have planned for Inauguration Day in America. It is best to stay in that day and watch the event from the safety of your home as it’s likely there will be an explosion or two. On a personal level, look where 6º Taurus falls in your chart to see where you will suddenly find yourself with the impetus to push past limitations and make tremendous changes in your life. 

Sun into Scorpio

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Continuing its retreat into the barren cold of winter, the Sun moved into Scorpio on October 23rd, 2020. Back when we lived closer to the land, this month of the year correlated to a time when gardens were put to bed and animals who would not live through the winter were culled. The shriveling and falling of the leaves and the increasing cold brought to mind the possibility of death for those who were unprepared for the long winter months ahead.

Indeed, death is the theme, and several cultures celebrate their dead at this time of the year (Halloween, el Dia de los Muertos, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, Hungry Ghost Festival, etc.). Communication between the seen and unseen is easier now. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and is associated with, in addition to death, other ‘inevitable’ things like taxes and sex. Inevitable also are the effects of Pluto transits which are often extreme as they strip away anything extraneous and leave things forever changed, deepened by the experience. By mode and element, Scorpio is fixed water, which is reflected in it’s emotional stubbornness.

If you were born between November 5, 1983 and May 18, 1984, August 27, 1984 and January 17, 1995, or April 21, 1995 and November 10, 1995, you have Pluto in Scorpio. With Pluto in Scorpio, the underlying bass tone of your life is extreme emotional experiences. You are wanting to root out that which has been preventing your evolution. 

Those with Pluto in Scorpio have come into this life seeking to experience the limits of who they are/aren’t, and of what they can/can’t do. There will be an emphasis on power in all its forms – empowerment, disempowerment, overpowering, absolute power, powerlessness, etc. – as the person seeks out people, experiences or bodies of knowledge that challenge the person’s fears and emotional blockages. Taboos (especially sexual), resistance, emotional complexes, and phobias are magnets for these people and they will align themselves to whatever they’ve deemed powerful in an effort to merge with it. 

People with Pluto in Scorpio (with the Sun in Scorpio, with the Sun in the 8th house or with a Scorpio Ascendant) are deeply introspective and psychological. Their past-life experiences with the various permutations of power/powerlessness carries into this life as an innate understanding of people and what motivates them, and also in the underlying feeling that they’ve been betrayed or had the rug pulled out from underneath them in the past. For some Scorpios, it’s very difficult to not use their psychological understanding of people to their advantage, which is why Scorpio has a reputation for being compulsive and manipulative. 

The highest path for the Pluto in Scorpio person is in self-sufficiency, ceasing to create and benefit from sexual and emotional dependencies, and a willingness to risk what to them constitutes security. 

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