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Sun into Leo

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Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 11:46am Barcelona time, the Sun will move into Leo. There is a reason why this archetype is known to be a lover of the spotlight. As the 5th archetype of the wheel, Leo is a smooth 120º trine from the beginning of the cycle, the Ascendant/1st house. Indeed, Leo is the second fire sign and, as such, it is the personal embodiment of the essence established at the Ascendant, the personality. When the Sun is in Leo we want to fall in love, play in the sun, and express our creative power. We’re more likely to take risks, to gamble, and to have affairs, too.

People with the South Node or Ascendant in Leo, or have Pluto in the 5th house, are learning to take charge of their life, to seize destiny and shape it with the strength of their will. They are focused on honing their creativity and looking for it’s ‘right application’. In it’s higher expressions, this archetype is also about learning that, yes, one is a star, but also, there are billions of other stars just in our galaxy alone.

[Image from spacephysics.ucr.edu]

Jeff Wolf Green, the founder (with Steven Forrest) of Evolutionary Astrology, describes this archetype as a pyramid with the Leo person acting as if they are the apex. These folks tend to operate in life as if everything and everyone around them is of service to their needs and desires. If they resist or avoid honing a talent or putting themselves out there, they might manipulate or take emotional risks to gain the attention they seek. When they are off-balance, they appear to be giving but really the giving is about them, not other people. Periodic shocks in life show Leo individuals the motivations behind their desires. The attention-loving reputation Leo’s have is for a reason. It’s true they need applause, recognition, and approval, and also, that an intense focus on one’s self isn’t necessarily narcissistic. This part of the cycle is about rediscovering self (usually, after trauma) and the learning of objectivity. Often, folks with 5th house Pluto’s have strong-willed children so they can experience the intense conflict of wills that eventually produces detachment and objectivity.

The placement of Leo, the Sun, and the sign ruling the 5th house all show the way a person organizes their life. In the same way our Sun, Sol, is the central organizing principle of our Solar System, one’s natal Sun is one’s own ‘central organizing principle’. The placement of Leo, the Sun, and the sign ruling the 5th house all show what a person needs to do to feel alive. Each of us must ‘do’ our Sun if we are to feel vital and full of energy. When a person with Sun, Moon, Ascendant, South Node or Pluto in Leo or the 5th house is “getting it”, they will recognize Source as the source of their creativity and they will encourage (rather than feel threatened by) the creative development of others. They will have an objective understanding of how they fit in because they have learned to fit their gift into the needs of society.


If this information is of interest to you and you’d like to know more about your chart, your personal energy signature, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Sun into Cancer

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Today, Wednesday, June 21st, 5:24am Barcelona time, the Sun will move into the constellation of Cancer and we will experience the Summer Solstice. Mercury and the Sun are traveling very near to each other right now (from our perspective) so they both will enter Cancer at the same time.

When Sun and Mercury are conjunct we feel very much identified with our thoughts. We can even begin to believe that our thoughts ARE us. If Mercury and the Sun are conjunct in your natal chart, it may be difficult to accept when someone you care about doesn’t agree with your ideas, so closely identified are the two things for you. When both Mercury and the Sun enter cancer Wednesday morning, we will notice how our life-force and our thoughts change speed and begin to focus on family, home, and those things that make us feel safe and secure.

[from apod.com]

Cancer is ruled by the Moon who is receptive, accepting and vulnerable. These qualities need some sort of protective shell in order for them to remain intact and healthy when faced with the outside world. The crab is the perfect symbol of Cancer, being soft on the inside and hard on the outside. Like a crab, when Cancerian people discover something that makes them feel safe, they grab onto it with their claws and don’t let go. Indeed, the needs of the crab to feel safe can make moving forward in life difficult. With something or someone clutched in its claws, the crab isn’t able to walk forward. Instead, they must walk backwards dragging their claws and the thing/person they think they must have to feel safe. In true watery fashion, Cancers don’t tend to directness.

People with Pluto in the 4th House (or with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Cancer) are working on emotional maturity. They are learning how to know and trust themselves so they can know and trust others. The key to doing that is becoming aware of emotional triggers and then focusing on why they feel so strongly. It’s very common for 4th House Pluto people to be born into a family where one or both parents were emotionally absent. This throws the person into parenting themselves and begins the journey toward emotional maturity. However, because of the emotional abandonment, often these people are a bottomless well of neediness. To gather to them that which will make them feel safe, Cancerians have a tendency to create dependencies in relationships so their partner ‘needs’ them for some reason. The more unconscious the person the more they will tend toward passive-aggressiveness.


If you are interested in getting more astrological information, please check out my Readings page, and get in touch.

Sun into Gemini

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The Sun moved into the constellation of Gemini. That means that for the next month or so the moving around of information will be the main focus. Each of us will probably change the way we think about a certain thing while the Sun moves through Gemini. Movement and a shifting perspective are the themes.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet closed to the Sun. Like Venus, the other planet inside our orbit to the Sun, Mercury has phases and never gets more than a certain number of degrees away from the Sun from our perspective on Earth. In Mercury’s case, he never gets more than 28º in front of or behind the Sun (again, from our perspective) before stationing retrograde or direct.

Mythologically speaking, Jupiter is the king of the gods and Mercury is his youngest son. Representative of the mind, Mercury is the fastest god in heaven. Because of his objectivity, Mercury is trusted by all the gods to carry messages on their behalf. And because of that, he is the only god able to come and go freely from both Heaven and Hell. (Which is reflected in the fact that it has the highest orbital eccentricity of all the planets). The speed associated with the god Mercury is reflected in the fact that the planet Mercury zips around the Sun in 88 days, making one year on Mercury about 88 days. But because Mercury is spinning on it’s axis really slowly, a single day there is about 176 Earth days long! Also, because Mercury has almost no atmosphere, the temperature isn’t at all regulated, so the side facing the Sun gets as hot as 450ºC, while the side facing away from the Sun gets as cold as -170ºC.

Clearly, Gemini is an archetype of extremes (speaking vs listening, reacting vs responding, left brain vs right brain, etc.), but that is because it is seeking to dissolve polarity. Techniques that help one quiet the mind and explore mind/body connection are especially beneficial for Geminis. There isn’t anyone alive today who was born with Pluto in Gemini, but plenty of people were born with Pluto in the 3rd house. According to Evolutionary Astrology, people with Pluto in the 3rd house, or with the Sun, Moon, South Node or Ascendant in Gemini, are learning that everything is relative. In previous lives, they became too certain and dogmatic about things, and in this life will learn that the mind can only know so much. Gemini or 3rd house people are developing their intuitive perceptions through dialog with others and are learning the relativity of truth. Those with the South Node or Pluto in the 3rd house often have a tendency to want to hide gaps in their knowledge base or be afraid of/avoid information that might undermine their beliefs.

The highest expression of Pluto in the 3rd house is found in the opposing archetype, Sagittarius. Someone with Pluto in the 3rd house will be ‘getting it’ when they understand truth vs fact or opinion, when they are able to connect facts to wisdom, identify the essence of any question, and have learned how to listen without feeling the need to defend their ideas.


If this information speaks to you, grab your birthdata and send me a message. I’d love to talk with you about your unique energy signature.

Sun into Pisces

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Thursday, February 18, the Sun moves into Pisces. The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, tied together by the tail fin by a cord. This suggests a linkage between the sign opposite Pisces, Virgo, and also the connection and completion of both halves of the cycle.

[image from universe-age.blogspot.com]

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, an enormous gassy giant out in the farthest, coldest regions of our solar system. It is freezing, obviously, but there is a layer in its stratosphere where the temperature increases with altitude. So, snowflakes of coal are formed there that don’t melt before they hit the ‘surface’, but rather, get squished out of existence by the force of the atmosphere, which is a dense layer of hydrogen, mostly. It’s clouds are icy. The planet is a giant granita, really.

One could liken Neptune to the silence from which the original bang arose, the sound that precedes matter, the waters from which experience arises. Indeed, Neptune represents the primal waters in which cycles dissolve and begin. The 12th house is the hummus for the seed that gets planted at the Ascendant.

Neptune and Pisces rule the 12th piece of the 12 piece pie of the wheel, the 12th house. This is the archetype of unity, imagination, illusions, delusions, the fog/obscurity, altered states of consciousness, wholeness, transcendence. It is the disillusion of the ego into forces much larger than itself, via music, meditation, drugs, and surrender of various kinds. Those of us with Sun, Moon, North Node or South Node in Pisces or the 12th house have been/are dealing with victim roles, ideas about purity (often about food or sex), boundaries, and our particular sensitivities (e.g. sound, energy, the unconscious desires of other people, food, etc.). We have past life (and perhaps present life) experience with addiction, enslavement, imprisonment, institutions, giving ones life to a spiritual (sometimes religious) purpose.

Wherever Neptune is in our charts is where we are learning to let go, to work on issues of trust. The sign and house it is in specifies what area of life we are working on trust and in what way we let go. It also shows where we are learning to trust our intuition and where we are delusional. Those of you with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Pisces (or a heavy 12th house/Pisces/Neptune) would do well to meditate, learn to surrender without the use of substances (meditate), hone your gifts with the interpretation of symbols, music, photography, film-making, the exploration of consciousness, and dreamwork. You would do well to learn tai chi or yoga, especially yantra yoga, observe periods of solitude, soak your feet in water, and gaze at the stars.


If this is interesting to you and you’d like to know more how this archetype fits into your psychic makeup, grab your birthdata and hit me up at my website.

Current Events: 3 Planets Change Signs + 2 Planets Turn Retrograde

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Because Venus and Mercury orbit between the Earth and the Sun, they are never more than a certain number of degrees away from the Sun from our perspective. For example, Mercury will never be more than 16º in front of the Sun before it stations retrograde. Then it moves backwards (again, from our perspective) until it is 16º behind the Sun at which time it stations direct and begins running ahead again past the Sun, repeating the pattern ad infinitum. Venus never gets more than 42º away from the Sun. She makes a similar pattern to that which Mercury makes, although in true Venusian style, her retrograde pattern makes a lovely, 5-pointed star.

Mercury and Venus (and Mars) are called the ‘personal planets’ because those archetypes make up the overtly personal parts of a person, the parts of the psyche that others see and deal with on a daily basis. When two or three of the personal planets are in the same sign as the Sun they set a strong, unified archetypal tone. This month of February, however, it won’t be at all like that. The planets are all over the place.


For several weeks Mars and Venus have been traveling together in the last degrees of Pisces. On January 28, Mars left Pisces and entered Aries. Meanwhile, the Sun is in Aquarius and Mercury is in Capricorn: all the personal planets are in different signs! And Mars is in his home sign, Aries, which gives us all a fiery push toward getting our needs met.

In addition to the aforementioned combination of energies, Venus and Jupiter will both go retrograde this month, too. The various conflicting energies and Mars in Aries gives us an underlying sensation that things are in flux. Indeed, they are, specifically in the area of relationships and/or money. But before we change things, we must first pull back the curtain and see things as they are.

Today, Friday, February 3, Venus will enter Aries. She’ll cruise along in Aries for a month initiating new projects, relationships and sources of income. Then, on March 4th, Venus will slow down and stop (from our perspective) at 13º of Aries. For the next month, she will go backwards over those first 13º of Aries again, getting a better look at the relationships or streams of income that we began in early February. The issue is whether or not things are in balance. Fear and anger is to be expected. Consider matters introspectively for the month of March, using, as much as possible, the objectivity made available by Mercury in Aquarius. The first half of April is the best time to let go of resentment, anger, delusions, and the relationships that are not in balance. (∞)

The dance of Venus passing back and forth over the ASC point asks us to take a second look at our values, the fundamental dynamics of our relationships, and our relationship with money. It’s a time of resetting self-esteem and up-leveling our relationship with our self and to our own talents.


Supporting the work of Venus in the re-calibrating of our relationships is Jupiter who will turn retrograde February 6 at 23º of Libra. As he moves backwards a full 10º in Libra, the sign of balance-seeking, we will be encouraged to look at our values and beliefs, at how we spend our money, and whether or not our relationships are in balance. Jupiter and Venus (and Mars and Mercury!) are working together this spring to force us to reconsider the recent new beginnings and help us see where we are being excessive and delusional in relationships. (@)

Mercury is between retrograde cycles these days so he’s going full-speed-ahead. He will take only two weeks to race through Aquarius (February 7 to February 25), during which time our minds will literally be racing. Our thoughts will be focused on the groups we are part of (or want to be part of) and our dreams for the future. In February, we will be more open to information and ideas from all corners. And because the mind will be superficially skipping along the surface, it will be easier to be objective. This objectivity will come in super handy as we uncover imbalances in our relationship dynamics with the retrogrades of Venus and Jupiter.
To take advantage of these energetic shifts in February, be willing to examine the balance points in your relationships: Is there as much listening as talking? As much receiving as giving? Is the attention usually centered on one person? Does each person in the relationship have the freedom to follow their desires? Also be willing to examine how your values are connected to your self-esteem. If your values, money situation or relationships need to be adjusted, you will know what you need to do by April. If by then you aren’t sure or haven’t made the changes, circumstances may change on your behalf when Jupiter stations direct in June. When Venus enters Aries (February 3), we will begin all manner of new relationships. A month later when Venus goes retrograde, she will show us where our impulsiveness, selfishness, need to be needed, and our instinctual desires pull us into delusional situations. Use the information uncovered in the retrograde period to make adjustments in relationship dynamics and personal values.
More specific information can be gleaned from your chart by penciling Venus in outside the wheel at 0º Aries and considering the information that the house placement provides.
If you don’t have a copy of your chart, but want one, grab your birthdata and contact me.

(∞) April 2, the still retrograding Venus backs out of Aries and into Pisces. On April 15, at 26º of Pisces, Venus stops (from our perspective) and begins moving forward again (stations direct).

(@) Jupiter will be retrograde until June 9.

Sun into Taurus

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Last month at the equinox, when the Sun passed from the 12th house to the 1st house, we began a new turn around the wheel. Since then, the Sun has been in Aries. On Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 10:27pm (Barcelona time), the Sun will move into Taurus. The new form/set of experiences that began at the Ascendant/Aries slows down and becomes substantiated and solidified in Taurus. This archetype is known as being very pleasure-oriented, lazy and stubborn, but there is a reason for that. Planets in Taurus have come from trauma or betrayal and want to calm down now, to be in nature and the body. Taurus is the place to rest, stabilize and focus.

Because Venus never gets more than 47º away from the Sun (and is reflective), she is seen as a bright light in the early morning sky announcing the arrival of the sun (as the Morning Star, Lucifer or Phosphor), or she pops out of a twilight sky, ushering the Lord (the Sun) into his bed chambers for the night (as the Evening Star, Hesperus).

The fact that Venus has an identity in front of the Sun and behind the Sun is shown in her rulerships of both Taurus and Libra. In her Taurisian guise, Venus is cow-like, a simple, trusting, solid body of goodness deeply connected to nature. This description of Venus, as well as countless artworks in several cultures, attest to a Venus that is very unlike the current state of the planet Venus.

[image from universetoday.com]

In the not-so-distant past, in the same catastrophe that stripped Mars of his atmosphere, something happened to Venus and in the process of that she got bombarded by ultra-violet rays from the Sun which seriously upset the balance of her atmosphere. Now it’s the heaviest atmosphere in our solar system, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide with clouds of sulfuric acid. Nowadays Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. At the surface, the heat is hot enough to melt lead.The reason Venus is so hot is because she was knocked out of place and her spinning stalled. The event slowed down her rotation on her axis and upset the atmosphere. She is no longer capable of spinning fast enough to create a protective, magnetic field around herself. Now, the very top layer of the clouds zip around the planet sixty-times faster than Venus herself rotates.

[image from nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov]

Those with a Taurus South Node or Pluto in the 2nd house, are stuck on some level. There is a tendency to internalize and compress ones inner nature in order to consolidate ones resources, internal and external. They are often born into hard conditions that force a focus on self-reliance. This is a re-imprinting of what was going on in the previous life; it reminds the person to develop self-reliance on all levels, especially materially and sexually. Masturbation is important for Tauruses, (although they must beware of getting fixated on taboo sexual images). Taurus correlates to talents, skills and trades because they make one self-sufficient. Reaching past their natural stuckness, those with Pluto in the 2nd house must be willing to be transformed by people and situations so they can evolve past their limitations. They must also be willing to see and accept that the original conditions that forced them to identify resources and protect themselves from the environment are no longer present.Taurus is very interested in acquiring that which it understands as bringing security. People at different levels of consciousness have different answers for what constitutes security. The person with Taurus Sun, Moon or ASC, either Node in Taurus or Pluto in the 2nd house must develop their values and live by them. Their way of life must reflect their core internal needs and nature.


If this information is interesting to you and you’d like to know if Pluto is in your 2nd house or how Taurus fits into your energetic signature, please get in touch.

Current Events: 3 Planets Change Signs

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Perhaps you have felt the collective energy intensifying through the last half of October as the Sun and Mercury have been moving through Scorpio. The energy will continue intensifying until the week of November 7th through the 13th, when the three personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) change signs. When these closer, inner planets change signs, the way the archetype expresses itself changes color and it is noticeable.

The evening of November 8 to the 9th, when Americans will vote on their next president, marks the first of the three shifts. That evening Mars will move from Capricorn into Aquarius (where it will remain until December 19). While Mars has been in Capricorn (since September 27), it’s been easier for us to focus our energy on accomplishing or getting closer to goals. Our willpower has been a laser beam as we have plowed through our to-do lists, taking care of business. But Mars’ movement through Capricorn isn’t just about productivity and maturity. These two archetypes together can also manifest as anger and frustration at the establishment / authority / limits / father figures, or towards goals that aren’t coming to fruition in the way or as fast as one would like. When Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, something unexpected can be expected. The very nature of Aquarius is detaching, quickening, catalyzing, freedom-seeking, it shakes up the status quo and rebels against the establishment. So the movement of Mars into Aquarius the very night of a major election suggests a shift of power, a revolution, or, ideally, a large step taken toward a progressive future. But there is more.

Also that evening, the Moon will change signs. When the elections begin, the Moon will be in Aquarius indicating a public open to radical change and new experiences beyond the known. But around 10pm eastern time, when the polls are still open on the west coast of the U.S. but have closed on the east coast, the Moon will slip into Pisces. This suggests that something related to the results of the election will be hidden, there will be some obfuscation, as if a dense fog has rolled in and it’s nearly impossible to get a clear view of the situation. Disillusionment and disappointment, characteristics of Pisces, are probable.

Later in the week, the evening of November 11th to the 12th, Venus will move out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. Since October 18, when Venus entered Sagittarius, we’ve been expanding our relationship dynamics, perhaps by reconnecting with someone from the past or meeting people from other cultures. A love of freedom, the sharing our own personal philosophy, communicating our values, and the expansion of our mental horizon has been the theme while Venus has been in Sagittarius. On November 11/12, that outgoing energy will shift gears and turn inward when Venus moves into Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn values order, rules, family, the past, and anything that gives us the feeling that we are safe and secure. When Venus is in Capricorn, homeland security and traditional values are important as are social status and getting ahead in the outer world. Venus will be in Capricorn until December 7, 2016.

The third energetic shift of this week happens November 12 when Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Mercury loves to be in Sagittarius as it feels free to say whatever comes to mind, without filters. Mercury in Sagittarius is a tall tale teller, a trickster, and also, perhaps, a liar. The weaving of the story is what is important to Mercury, not that the story is true. When Mercury moves through sag, there is a tendency to promise more than can be delivered upon and to speak beyond the knowledge of what one knows. The up-side, however, of Mercury in Sagittarius is that the mind is capable of glimpsing The Bigger Picture, one can make detailed plans for the envisioned bigger, better future, and we are especially open to learning a language or the intricacies of another culture. Mercury will be in Sagittarius until the 2nd of December, 2016.

The coincidence of the timing of these energetic shifts with activities in America suggests that, as far as the election is concerned, things will not be clear or be as they appear to be.

Archetype correlations & House demarkations

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Now that we’ve understood how the houses get their basic energy, let’s discuss how the planets, signs and houses are inter-connected and few other fundamentals.

Each of the 12 houses in the wheel has a ‘natural sign’, a resonant archetype, that is similar in quality and character.

The correlations between the houses, signs and planets are not exact but they are resonant and natural, and they continue to evolve as humanity evolves. Not so long ago, western civilization only knew of planets out to Saturn. When Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered (*), house rulerships and the archetypes adjusted to reflect these higher octave expressions and our newly-gotten galactic and spiritual awareness of ourselves.

For example, Aquarius was classically ruled by Saturn so, today, many people consider Aquarius to be ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Those two planets do describe the two ways that we make change and become less attached (Aquarius): incrementally, when feedback tells us we need to make slight adjustments, or catastrophically, because the needed slight tweeks were met with so much resistance. Saturn’s change is like rearranging lawn chairs. Uranus’s change is a revolution.


When one is born, one of the twelve constellations (the signs) is rising on the eastern horizon. That is one’s ‘rising sign‘. Chartwise, that sign rules our 1st house. Naturally, the sign opposite that sign becomes the ruler of the opposing house, the 7th house. This is the Ascendant/Descendant (ASC/DC) horizontal axis. This axis is the first beat, the initial spark of Spirit into matter, the Space of ‘Time and Space’.

The vertical axis is defined by the mid-heaven (MH) at or near the top, and the IC at the bottom. (Imum Coeli means, literally, “bottom of the sky”). The signs at these points, the 10th and 4th house cusps, are representative of (among other things) the parental connection and the structure and character of the ego. This axis is the second beat of Spirit into matter which brings Order into Chaos, and Time into Space.

There are various ways to calculate the cross-quarter demarkations, various ‘house systems’, ways to slice up the pie. All the house systems are based on mathematical calculations. Most popular is Placidius, and a lot of folks using Jeff Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology, including JWG himself, use the porphory house system. I use the Koch house system (based on things I read in the writings of Dane Rudhyar as well as personal observation of charts under the various systems). I encourage people to discover for themselves which house system works for them.


(*) = Uranus was discovered by accident (unexpectedly!) March 13, 1781 when there were revolutions world-wide (Uranus rules unexpected events). Neptune was discovered September 23, 1846 when antiseptic was revolutionizing medical care (Neptune rules institutional healing). Pluto was discovered February 18, 1930, during the American depression (Pluto rules other people’s money and manipulation).

Current Events: Jupiter into Libra & Saturn square Neptune

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Today’s Current Events post is a two-fer. It’s about Jupiter moving into Libra, and the square between Saturn and Neptune.

From September 9, 2016 to October 10 of 2017, Jupiter will be traveling through Libra. This transit, which begins Friday, will make for a noticeably festive weekend. These two energies together are great for our social life. Jupiter takes twelve years to go around the wheel, spending about one year in each sign. This year, from basically September to September, there will be more parties, more discourse and more social movement, in general. It’s a time of meeting new people and letting go of any relationship that has become rigid or limiting or is unequal in some fundamental way. Depending on where Libra is your chart, more can be said about it, but, in general, it’s a great time to connect with old and new friends from different cultures, to expand relationship patterns to allow new people and ways in, and to expand your social horizon.

Look at your chart to find Libra, the horizon-looking glyph. Notice which house 0º Libra is in. That is whereabouts Jupiter is traveling in your chart now. The house it is in indicates where in your life you’ll have particularly good fortune, where things will go well and perhaps, expand, where there will be some form of benevolence, perhaps over-indulgence. Even if you don’t know where Libra is in your chart, this is a special time – use it. Cooperate with the energies and make the most of this year by hosting or going to parties, learning a language, traveling and meeting people (especially of other cultures), and letting go of relationships that are not balanced.

September 10, 2016 is when Saturn will make a third-quarter square to Neptune. The interaction of Saturn and Neptune is a major, long-term cycle. It takes Saturn 36 years to go all the way around the wheel to meet back up with Neptune (who is much slower). The cycle began February 20 of 1989 with a conjunction in Capricorn. Overall, the cycle is about letting go of rigidity and tradition to allow compassion, forgiveness, and faith to guide us. The first-quarter square happened in April of 1999, and the opposition happened in 2007. This third-quarter square is the third, major hit we’ll have of this energetic interaction until 2025 when the cycle ends and a new one begins. We will feel this transit’s energy most strongly for about 2 weeks.

Saturn is about limits, discipline, time, responsibility, and the maturation process. Neptune is nearabouts the opposite. Neptune is boundary-lessness, letting go, timelessness (and the doing of things that promote the experience of it), and escapism. When these two meet up limits become permeable, and illusions and delusions are created related to work, goals, family, the disciplinarian of the family, authority and authority figures. Squares create tension because each of the planets is wanting/doing different things. Saturn in Sagittarius is going to point out where our beliefs have gotten rigid or dogmatic, and Neptune in Pisces is going to expose where we are being delusional, perhaps about work, authority or how much escapism we are doing.

More specifics can be sussed out by knowing where (in which houses) this square falls in your chart. But you can get some hints about how by this cycle has been manifesting for you by considering the cycle as a whole. Look to the time-periods mentioned above as well as last November and June of this year to get a sense of how this transit is being experienced in your life. What was the confusion/uncertainty about at those times? Decisions that were made in November that came back around in June of this year that are coming back around again. With Neptune involved you can be sure that things are not what they seem.

The ideal use of this energy is in bringing into manifestation something experienced in the Unseen. If you are a musician, poet, visionary artist, dreamworker or meditator this can be a very productive, focused time.


If you want me to take a look at your chart so we can speak about either of these transits, hit me up. I’d love to chat with you about it. If you’d like me to speak on something specific, please do leave a comment.

Introducing Quality Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology

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Linda Goodman’s ubiquitous book Sun Signs, borrowed off of my mother’s bookshelf when I was 16, was my first exposure to the world of archetypes and tropical astrology. Another ten years would go by before I would finally have a reading done for me by a professional, but with that first book, I sensed the truth behind the archetypes and the psychology of planetary influence.

After decades of chewing on the concepts, reading dozens of books, many years of study, and a number of astrological readings given and received, I remain impressed by the depth of information provided by the wheel. Byway of specific placements and the interactions of points and planets, the wheel tells us not only the What of who we are, it also tells us the Why, and the What For.

Evolutionary Astrology, the form of astrology I practice, goes deep into the Who, the Why, and the What For. Each of us is perfect as we are, being particularly wired and leaning in certain directions for a reason. My readings provide context for your present personality and life’s experiences by giving you the framework to understand yourself, why things are as they are and what for. With a Quality Astrology reading you can make the most of the planetary influences.


Please do check out the Readings page of the website and get in touch. It would be my pleasure to discuss your chart or issue with you.