Mars Approaching

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Let’s talk about Mars for a moment. Between now and October 6, 2020, Mars will become increasingly brighter in the night sky. He is lining up for his annual opposition to the Sun (from our perspective) which means that you can find him in the night and early-morning sky by looking at the point that is opposite the Sun. (For example, at midnight, he’d be at his highest point in the southern sky.) 

If Mars is under pressure in your Natal or Transit charts, or you simply have a desire to synchronize with its energy, for the next few weeks you might do these things: guided meditations related to owning your inner spiritual warrior, journaling about the deeper motivations for why you do the things you do, actively practicing turning anger and fear into excitement and a beginner’s mind. 

For the next 34 days, the energy of Mars will be increasing for everyone here on Earth. Let’s choose to embody the higher tones of the archetype so we can have less conflict with others and more fun with the energy as it rises. The higher tones include: returning to an innocent and childlike wonder, being an inspiration to others by being a pioneer (in the area of life where Aries is in your chart), gathering the courage to face fears, and letting go of the past.

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