Current Events: planets in Pisces and Saturn square Uranus

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The collection of planets that have been traveling through Aquarius together have begun to move into Pisces. The Sun moved into Pisces last week on the 18th and today, the 25th, Venus joins her. We are letting go of the past cycle and preparing for a new one (which will begin when the Sun enters Aries in March). With the Sun and Venus in Pisces we are better connected to our internal reality, and we tend to feel a greater connection to, and compassion for, the suffering of others. 

As mentioned in the last post, this year’s energy is defined by a third-quarter square between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. It exacts three times over the year, and last week (the 17th of February) was the first time. Did you feel it?

Like any square, there is tension as both planets need to be satisfied. Uranus wants us to break free from circumstances that feel boring or restricting, and Saturn wants us to retain some level of stability. The restless tension of this particular square may lead to the desire to make a sudden career change or a move.

Ordinarily, the first time a major transit comes into exact, one gets a glimpse of what needs to happen or a good sense of the issue at hand. At the second exact, something concrete happens, and at the third, there is some integration of the solution. 

Pull out your chart and see where 7º of Taurus and Aquarius fall in your wheel. The placement of Uranus shows where you are stuck and what needs to change, and the placement of Saturn shows why you need to change that thing.

For example, I have a friend who has Uranus in his 6th house (of diet and health) and Saturn in his 3rd (the thought process). A few days ago, he got a jolt of a thought that he might be becoming intolerant to wheat. Uranus works like that; he shoots thoughts out from the subconscious to the conscious mind. If we are jolted by a thought that seems to come from nowhere and it happens more than two times, it’s best to pay attention to it. It is telling us of an incremental change that we should make so as to avoid a crisis later on. My friend received the repeated thought that he would do well to make the shift to eating less wheat products. He made the connection because he is beginning to feel brain fog after eating excessive carbohydrates. His diet (the 6th house) has begun to affect the functioning of his mental process (3rd house).

If you would like some help interpreting how this square may affect you, please post your chart or the information related to where 7º of Taurus and Aquarius falls in your wheel, and we will work it out here, in the comment stream. 

Current Events: Saturn square Uranus

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Let’s get familiar with the major transit of this year, Saturn square Uranus. The transit will come into exact three times over the course of 2021, but we will feel the pull of it throughout the year. Wednesday, February 17 is the first exact square. For about a week before and after that date, we’ll all be a bit on edge; as if we can sense we need to change something, but we’re not sure what it is.

There is a lot of tension in this particular square; both planets are in fixed signs, Aquarius and Taurus (which typically are stubborn and resistant to change), neither planet is comfortable in its element (earthy Saturn is in an air sign, while airy Uranus is an earth sign), and the hard angle of a square demands compromise. This year, something has to give. As Saturn moves around the wheel, it shows us where we are rigid and lack flexibility. Every time Saturn checks in with Uranus, we will be asked to do something in a new way, throw away the rigidity of the past, or completely revolutionize our experience of something. 

Take a look at your chart and find 7º to 13º of Aquarius and Taurus. This is where the action will be. This first square between Saturn and Uranus happens at 7º Aquarius/Taurus. Look at what houses those degrees are in to get more information about what you need to change. In that area of your life, you may have been resistant to making tiny adjustments to what or how you’ve been doing things. If you don’t make them in the next few months, cataclysmic change is on your horizon. 

If, for example, you have Uranus in your (Taurus-ruled) 3rd house and Saturn in your (Aquarius-ruled) 12th house, the changes that you need to make relate to how you are accessing and using your imagination. Uranus in your 3rd house is asking you to think outside the box, to consciously listen more closely to what bubbles up from your subconscious. While Saturn in your 12th is demanding that you give form to what comes up; perhaps as a book, a play, a song or a TV show. 

In 2020, we learned what isn’t working and we got a sense of how we can change it. 2021 is the year we get to work releasing what is no longer serving us, opening ourselves up to new ways of doing things, and embracing a more cooperative reality. 

Current Events: Aquarian energy and Venus aspects

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The dominant aspect that shaped 2020 (and which will shape society for years to come) was the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. For the entire year, as those three heavy-hitting planets moved though the late degrees of Capricorn, they pulled apart the social fabric and brought focus to it’s weaknesses and deep social inequities. So many major events that have transpired in the last several months were representative of the interactions between those planets; from Brexit to America’s president being impeached, from Covid-19 to the fires on three continents, from the unjustifiable killing of George Floyd (and other black Americans) to the storming of America’s capital. They showed us what needs to be upgraded or demolished.

In 2021, we get to work on those things. Fittingly, the dominant aspect of 2021 is a square from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. That aspect will be exact three times over the course of this year but will be present all year long. It asks us to let go of the status-quo past and embrace a more egalitarian, equitable future. Saturn is moving through Aquarius now, quickening our planet with hope and infusing us with a desire for tolerance, objectivity, and constructive change. While the square between Saturn and Uranus will wax and wane over the year, we will be given three hard opportunities to let go of what isn’t working any more, to turn our backs on what is rigid and unforgiving, and to assess and realign our values. I will mention them in future posts, but those dates are: February 17, June 14 and December 23. 

There are five planets in Aquarius now helping us to reorganize our lives and the structures of society. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are helping us to liberate ourselves from our societal, familial and cultural conditioning and find our authentic expression. 

Tomorrow, Venus will make three important connections that are worth mentioning. On February 6, Venus will conjunct Saturn, sextile Chiron, and square Uranus. Our patterns to relating (to others and to ourselves), our values, our ability to compromise and participate will be under pressure. Venus’s conjunction to Saturn is a reality check on the way we’ve been spending money, how we have been relating with family members, and to our ideas of what we think we want. Venus conjunct Saturn implies a limitation; it often expresses as a small circle of friends, difficulties with having enough money, or a lack of safety within the family dynamic. Venus’s square to Uranus is a lightening bolt. It implies changes of fortune with money and love. This angle sometimes manifests as a new friend, a new experience, the windfall or loss of some money, or the release of a friendship that has become overly constrictive. 

Trying to balance the constricting energy of Saturn and the liberating energy of Uranus is tricky, but thankfully, the sextile of Venus to Chiron will help to smooth things over and provide healing undertones to whatever happens. Lean into what feels good, be open to new experiences, and remember that a little bit of kindness goes an especially long way this weekend. 

Current Events: changing energy

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Doesn’t it feel like the speed of life has picked up? We can feel the energy is moving differently now than it was moving just last week. That’s because, this week, all three of the inner, personal planets will change signs. 

On January 7, Mars moved into Taurus after six months in Aries. Mars normally spends about six weeks in a sign, but last year, just after entering his home sign of Aries, Mars stationed retrograde, which made his stay in that sign much longer than usual. While Mars was in Aries, we felt energized, like our internal fires were stoked, and getting what we wanted seemed not only possible, but easy to achieve. Mars entering Taurus is like down-shifting in a car. The mechanism is spinning wildly but we are going slower now. Getting things done, in these next six weeks, will take consistency and perseverance. While Mars is in Taurus, we will be driven to achieve financial stability and a safe, warm, beautiful place in which we feel secure. 

January 8, Venus moved into Capricorn for a four week visit. Venus in Capricorn echoes Mars in Taurus in that they are both concerned about safety, financial security, and having nice things. Venus in Capricorn values the status quo and social status. She is attracted to authority figures and loves to be with the family (or with someone who makes her feel safe). For the next thirty days, we will be especially driven to get ahead at work. 

On January 8, Mercury moves into Aquarius, signaling a shift in the way we are thinking and what we are thinking about. For the next three weeks, our thoughts will fly in new directions, we’ll be more open to trying new things, and we will be connecting online more with people (and groups of people) who share our values and interests. We will be thinking about the future and how we can participate in shaping a more progressive world. 

The characteristics of these shifts are mitigated by the placement of these signs in your natal chart. If you’d like to see where these movements are happening in your chart, just send me your birthdata, and I will send you your chart with a few words about how these shifts may affect you personally.

Current Events: New Moon Eclipse + three planets changing signs

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On Monday, December 14, 2020 there will be a New Moon eclipse at 23º of Sagittarius. The eclipse will be visible for about two minutes, and will only be visible to people living in the very south of South America or South Africa.  As with any New Moon, today’s eclipse provides wind behind our back as we align ourselves with our goals for this month. Sagittarius is the sign of trust, honesty, and listening, which makes this New Moon an excellent time for deep, meaningful conversations in which we are honest and listen as much as we speak. 

Because this eclipse happens near the Moon’s South Node and involves Chiron and Mercury, this event is an opportunity to resolve the issues that will come up related to the past. There will be an energetic clarity about our new path and an ability to communicate it to others. 

Also this week, three planets will change signs and we will feel the energy tangibly lifted. After three weeks of Venus moving through tumultuous, combative Scorpio, she will enter Sagittarius on Tuesday. And, after years of heavy, earth-bound Capricorn energy, Saturn and Jupiter will move into airy, communicative Aquarius (on Wednesday and Saturday, respectively). Everything will seem easier and lighter by the weekend.

For the next three weeks, while Venus moves through Sagittarius, we will be more focused on right-action and the dissemination of information so as to elevate, educate and improve the situation. Sagittarius is high-minded and more focused on truth and education than confrontation.

While Saturn and Jupiter have been in Capricorn, we have been concerned with safety, our more status-quo goals, social status, our career, and keeping things as they have been. Aquarius, on the other hand, is the sign of progressive change, technology, the power of like-minded individuals, social media, and the process of deconditioning the self to find one’s true authenticity. 

Saturn takes 2.5 years to move through a sign while Jupiter takes 1, so for the next couple of years, we will be especially open to trying new things and doing the old things in new ways. During this time whatever isn’t bolted down or realistic will give way to something new. Be willing to let new friends show you new ways of doing things, allow yourself to reexamine old goals to see if they still make your heart sing and if they might be reached in other ways. 

With Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus in Sag, this is sure to be a fun holiday season. The abundance of Aquarian energy suggests it’s an excellent year to meet up with family using technology rather than the usual face-to-face. Either way, we will be more interested in celebrating with fun and laughter rather than arguing with relatives. Please do play it safe this year with the assumption of better days ahead. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Current Events: The “Great Conjunction”

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[Saturn and Jupiter are easily visible now in the evening sky.]

2020 has been a year in which we have had to peer into the darkness of the collective consciousness. Covid-19, the unjustifiable killing of George Floyd (and many other Black Americans), the impeachment of America’s 45th president, Brexit, the fires on three continents, the lockdowns, the economic repercussions, from the campaign circus in America to the contested election results, this has been a watershed year. 2020 will be looked back on for decades, perhaps centuries, as the year the shit hit the fan. 

Capping off a year in which the balance of the global superpowers wavered, the environmental crises became an emergency, we learned just how fragile personal and national economies are, and the world very nearly fell to fascism, let us welcome the last major transit of 2020: The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. 

Jupiter and Saturn are the out-breath and in-breath of social change. They are the forces of expansion and contraction, respectively, and they meet up every 20 years. Looking back on their cycle, a pattern emerges in which every single American president since William Harrison (in 1840), who is in power at the time of the conjunction has died (with the exception of Reagan, who was shot at but didn’t die in 1981, and Bush Sr., who had a grenade thrown at him in 2006 that didn’t detonate).

This is a powerful meeting of planets that changes character every ten years with the opposition and conjunction. Just in the last hundred years we can see the pattern: the 1920s were expanding, the 1930s were contracting (due to the Great Depression), the 1940s were expanding, the 1950s were contracting, the 60s were expanding, and the 70s were contracting. In the 1980s we expanded with Reagan and then in the 1990s, we pulled it in to reassess our values. The 2000s were expansive, and the 2010s were contracting. In 2020, we enter into a ten-year cycle of expansion based on the characteristics of Aquarius, which is a sign that values progressive solutions to social problems, innovation using technology, stepping away from the status quo, the free exchange of information, and individual uniqueness. We can expect that in the next 10 years people’s uniqueness will finally be celebrated, the internet will level many playing fields, and we will look to technology to help us solve our greatest problems. 

On a more personal level, the Great Conjunction will ask each of us to take a cold, hard look at ourselves to decide what needs to be let go of and what needs to be fortified. By looking at where 1º of Aquarius is in your chart, we can narrow down in what sphere of life (defined by the house demarcations) we will need to make those adjustments. For example, if 1º Aquarius falls into your 3rd house, you will need to examine the assumptions, beliefs and ideas that are rooted in a more traditional past (like, “that’s how I’ve always done it” or “that’s how I learned to do it” ) and discard those ideas that no longer serve you. In addition, you would do well to expand your mind with books, journaling, and having conversations with people from various cultures to learn how other people do things, and then try out some new ideas to see how they fit. If this conjunction happens in your 6th house, look to the routine of your day-to-day life, your diet and exercise regimens to see what needs to go and what needs to be strengthened. The bottom line is that we need to be willing to let go of what is rigid and stagnant and open ourselves to new solutions.

This Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will happen December 21 and will ensure that it will be a Solstice to remember. On that day, Jupiter and Saturn in forward-thinking Aquarius will be pulling against Sun and Mercury in traditional Capricorn creating a tug-of-war between the past and the future, forcing us to choose what to hold onto and what to jettison. There is tremendous freedom in letting go of what weighs us down.

If you’d like to know more about where this conjunction falls into your chart and how you can cooperate with the energies, please do get in touch. 

Planetary Glyphs

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Have you ever wondered about the symbols astrologers and astronomers use to represent the planets of our solar system? The shapes of the symbols we use aren’t random. In today’s post, we’ll look at the meaning contained in each of the planetary glyphs. Most of the glyphs are composed from the three basic shapes of a circle, a plus sign (or cross), and a crescent. The circle represents an unbroken, self-contained system of wholeness. It is Spirit, eternal, unified, balanced, self-replicating and ever-lasting. The circle divides the unseen and the seen with its boundary.

The cross, or plus sign, is the symbol of matter. It indicates the four directions, the four elements, the fact of duality, time and space. On the wheel, these four cardinal points are indicators of Spirit entering Matter (left to right) and of Order being made out of Chaos (top to bottom). The plus sign reminds us of the cross that all things enshrined in matter must bear, mortality. In the center where the lines meet is a meeting place that suggests presence, in which the sum is greater than the individual parts. In the center is the balance point which reminds us that spirit is within everything manifest.

The crescent is the shape of attention in motion. As the Moon shows us her changing face every night, glyphs that include the crescent shape indicate an archetype in which there is movement of and a connection to greater sources of information. The crescent facing upwards is open to information originating from the soul, while downward-facing crescents receive information from the subconscious. Crescents facing left indicate growth and left-brain perception, while those facing right indicate forces of decay and right-brain understanding. The crescent shape itself suggests a light side and a dark side. The light, visible side shows ones ability to become aware of their needs, thoughts, feelings, and memories, while the dark, invisible side is that of instinct, imagination, raw emotion and the cycles of life. The pulsation and movement between these forces, like the waxing and waning of the Moon, is what gives us a sense of time.

Let’s examine each planetary glyph for more information. The Sun’s symbol is of the circle of Spirit with a dot in the center. The dot specifies self-mastery, it shows that one’s core, the spiritual center, is known. It is the symbol of the self-realized individual, one who knows that their creativity, their spark of life, comes from Spirit and is shining through the individual from their own center, the solar plexus. As the Sun is the central organizing principle in the solar system, the Sun in one’s chart shows the way we organize the various aspects of our psyche.

The Moon’s glyph is of a crescent facing to the left. Facing in this direction, the Moon’s symbol indicates that she is a force of growth, open to and gestating new possibilities. The glyph of the Moon reminds us how our ego, our concept of self, is like the lenses in a pair of glasses which the soul takes off when the life is over, and which affects the way we perceive reality while we have them on. The fact that the ego is constantly in motion, expanding and decaying yet reliable all through the life, is shown by the cyclic nature of the Moon in the sky.

Mercury’s symbol includes all three of the basic shapes. The cross under the circle of spirit shows a connection between knowledge of a spiritual nature and knowledge of a pragmatic nature, and suggests that Mercury has a knowingness of the practical matters of life. Indeed, Mercury is the ruler of commerce, measurement and deductive reasoning. The crescent above the circle suggests the movement of ideas that are perceived from the soul (or superconscious) and made conscious in their grounding in the material world. The crescent shape is also indicative of the horns on the helmet of the Greek god Mercury, who was the only god in the pantheon who was allowed to freely come and go, without consequence, from both heaven and hell. Mercury moved ideas from the sacred to the profane and back again. The upward-pointing crescent on the circle of spirit suggests that thoughts, ideas, language and speech are not truly our own but are brought down from higher levels of organization.

The meeting of the two realms of heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, with Spirit dominating. This symbol suggests the reproductive organs of a woman which are capable of bringing the unseen in the seen. Indeed, Venus rules talent, which is the ability to bring and share something from the unseen. The arrangement of Spirit resting in balance on the cross of matter suggests the nature of the feminine principle which is attracting, magnetic, persuading and connecting.

The glyph of Mars is pretty easy to read. It is the force of willpower, the separating desires, pulling one away from Spirit. Mars’ glyph, which looks like the reproductive organ of the male, shows us that it is instinctual and primal in nature. Indeed, Mars/Ares is the warrior, the raw power and outgoing force of the masculine. The fact that it follows its own subjective needs is shown in the arrow extending from the source of its power. It is a symbol of going out into the world and getting the object of one’s desire, with force if necessary.

Incorporating the shapes of the cross and the crescent, Jupiter’s glyph reminds us of its expansive, optimistic nature. The crescent on the left side of the cross indicates that the expansion of horizons has brought something new into being. Because the crescent is above the horizontal line it signifies that the forms being brought into matter are in the growing part of their cycle. Jupiter provides a joyful connection to Natural Law, ensuring that forms, ideas and circumstances are brought to their highest potential.

Originally, Saturn’s glyph was the exact opposite of Jupiter’s but, over time, has become stylized. In Saturn’s symbol, the crescent hangs downward, below the horizon on the right side, below the cross of matter. The cross as the primary shape, above the crescent, makes it clear that Saturn oversees the realm of 3-dimensions where achievement and materialism reign. The curl at the bottom end suggests that the movement endemic to the crescent shape is being cut off and trapped in the dirt. Saturn’s glyph indicates that the form is decaying and dying, that a cap has been put upon the creation which deprives it of access to Spirit. Indeed, Saturn rules death and the endings of things. Some have suggested that the crescent of Saturn is a scythe which is used to cut things down at the end of their cycle, as the grim reaper does.

The most complex symbol is that of Uranus which incorporates all three shapes in a unique configuration. The circle of spirit below the cross of matter creates an upended reality in which ideas are brought from the collective unconscious into personal, conscious awareness in jolts, like lightening strikes. The channel that is created between the outward-turned crescents can be likened to the two hemispheres of the brain being held apart to allow new ideas and images to enter. The symbolism here is reflected in the archetype of Uranus, the force of Liberation, which moves us beyond the consensus status quo toward the unconditioned unknown, and which frees us from the rules and expectations of the past and future.

This is the symbol of turning dreams into reality. The glyph of Neptune shows that the realm of the soul reigns above material existence. The upward-facing crescent receives images, sounds, information of all kinds, from the soul and, as long as it isn’t hindered by delusions and addictions, brings the unseen into the seen (as symbolized by the cross). The symbol of Neptune is also a reminder that the material world penetrates Spirit and vice versa. The similarities between the glyphs of Neptune and Venus show that one is the higher expression, of the other.

Pluto has more than one glyph associated to it but all of them (except the one which uses the initials of its discoverer, PL) speak to its psychologically-oriented and transformative nature. The upward-turned crescent below the smaller circle shows its receptivity to stellar energies which are then brought down into matter through a succession of lifetimes in which we attempt to balance the hemispheres of the brain and tame the primal energies toward conscious, reasoned action.


Now that you understand the basic shapes used in glyphs, you have the knowledge to interpret other astronomical, astrological and alchemical symbols for yourself. Cheers.

Current Events: finally moving forward

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This has been an exceptional year for retrogrades. It doesn’t happen every year, but in 2020, every single planet went retrograde. When planets are retrograde, things don’t slow down, they speed up. The reason why details go missing, devices act strange, and travel gets disturbed during a Mercury retrograde isn’t because the flow of information is going slower – it’s because information is moving faster than normal. 

While Mars has been retrograde (September 9 – November 14, 2020) it has been much easier to get angry and frustrated, especially about things not moving forward as fast as we would like or about things not going our way. This has been especially true because Mars is in his home sign of Aries. During this time, you probably had to ask yourself if the thing you’re pushing along is worth it. You probably also looked at different ways to go about getting what you want. 

When Mars stations direct late this week and begins to move forward, our projects will finally get off the ground or get back on track, obstacles that seemed impossible to deal with will shift or dissolve, and new solutions will be easier to see. In about a week, life will return to its normal speed. Hang in there. 2020 is almost over. 

Current Events: Retrogrades

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We are two-and-a-half weeks into the two-month Mars retrograde. Are you noticing that your momentum has slowed down and that, in some area of your life, frustration, anger and/or fear are mounting? The best way to work with Mars retrograde is to examine how you go about getting what you want, what makes you angry and why, and what makes you fearful and why. Examining our motivations – why we do the things we do – is excellent use of Mars retrograde. When we understand our motivations, we understand ourselves and others much more deeply.

Other Retrogrades

This Mars retrograde period (from September 10 to November 14, 2020) encompasses the changing of directions of several other planets. On September 13, Jupiter stationed direct, and September 29, Saturn will also begin moving in a forward motion. Normally, when these heavy-hitting planets finish their yearly retrograde period (usually, near the end of summer), we feel the forward-moving energy. The beginning of September often feels like the beginning of a new year. Not this year. 

While Jupiter was retrograde, we spent some weeks reviewing our personal philosophy,  we re-organized the way we have been seeing the Big Picture of our lives, perhaps in light of recently unearthed truths we hadn’t been aware of previously. While Saturn has been retrograde, we have had the opportunity to examine our relationship to authority, and ourselves as the authority figure in our own lives. We probably saw painfully clearly where we need to take more responsibility for things. If you are self-employed or run a business, you probably re-organized the way you do things, perhaps making things legal, adding or letting go of co-workers, putting some structure in place to ensure smoother sailing in the upcoming months. 

Even with these two giant planets moving forward, life won’t seem to get back to normal until mid-November when both Mars and Mercury will have finished their retrogrades.

Mercury will be retrograde from October 14 to November 4, 2020. Between now and October 14, use the time to make plans, back up your data, organize any travel (if you must travel), and to clarify and communicate the details of your projects in the clearest language possible.

Use the month from mid-October mid-November to rest. As mentioned previously, don’t push things while Mars is retrograde. Rather, step back and allow the pieces to change positions before falling into place on their own. When Mars begins moving forward mid-November, there will be a tremendous release of energy.

Current Events: Mars Retrograde

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020, Mars will station retrograde at 28º of Aries. For two months he will appear to travel backwards (from our perspective on Earth) until he stations direct, November 13, 2020 at 15º Aries.

Mars retrograde from Earth’s perspective

Like with every other planet, when Mars goes retrograde, it’s energy is felt especially strongly. Mars will be nearer to us than usual and on the same side of the Sun as we are, and so it’s unmitigated influence will be especially loud for us here on Earth. 

Mars is happy in it’s home sign of Aries. It gets things done, it moves in total freedom according to it’s own desires, it is passionate and subjective, and it does start fights – but only when it feels bound or restricted. The placement of Mars in your chart shows how you go about getting what you want, what makes you angry, what makes you fearful, and where you are especially courageous. Where Aries is in your chart shows where you need to let go of the past and where you are needing to gather up your courage to face your fears. 

While Mars is retrograde, you can expect that things will not move forward very easily in the area of life ruled by Aries in your chart. (You are welcome to share your chart on the Quality Astrology FB page and ask a question about Mars retrograde in your chart; I’d be happy to answer it). Even if you don’t know where Mars is traveling in your chart, you can expect that excitement and enthusiasm for the projects in your life will wane in September and October. You may feel tired or burned-out. Don’t push. And don’t lean on yourself, on others, nor on the project. Down-shift. And, if it’s possible, don’t launch anything new in those two months. It’s better to continue plugging away on your current projects instead. 

Adding to the intensity of this particular Mars retrograde are the three hard angles (squares) Mars will make to Saturn in the late degrees of Capricorn. Frustration will most certainly boil over (especially around September 28-30) as the forces of change engage in potentially bloody conflict with the forces that be. Think of this time as a battle (not a war) in which retreating to reorganize is the smartest move. Mars doesn’t have the weight to win a fight with Saturn in Capricorn (forces which are represented in our lives by authority figures, parents, governments, police, world leaders, etc.), so it’s best to make sure you have a way of letting off steam during this time (exercise and laughter are excellent). 

The take-home message of Mars Retrograde in 2020 is: slow down, slow way down. Sometimes the way forward is by taking a step back. This is one of those times.