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We are two-and-a-half weeks into the two-month Mars retrograde. Are you noticing that your momentum has slowed down and that, in some area of your life, frustration, anger and/or fear are mounting? The best way to work with Mars retrograde is to examine how you go about getting what you want, what makes you angry and why, and what makes you fearful and why. Examining our motivations – why we do the things we do – is excellent use of Mars retrograde. When we understand our motivations, we understand ourselves and others much more deeply.

Other Retrogrades

This Mars retrograde period (from September 10 to November 14, 2020) encompasses the changing of directions of several other planets. On September 13, Jupiter stationed direct, and September 29, Saturn will also begin moving in a forward motion. Normally, when these heavy-hitting planets finish their yearly retrograde period (usually, near the end of summer), we feel the forward-moving energy. The beginning of September often feels like the beginning of a new year. Not this year. 

While Jupiter was retrograde, we spent some weeks reviewing our personal philosophy,  we re-organized the way we have been seeing the Big Picture of our lives, perhaps in light of recently unearthed truths we hadn’t been aware of previously. While Saturn has been retrograde, we have had the opportunity to examine our relationship to authority, and ourselves as the authority figure in our own lives. We probably saw painfully clearly where we need to take more responsibility for things. If you are self-employed or run a business, you probably re-organized the way you do things, perhaps making things legal, adding or letting go of co-workers, putting some structure in place to ensure smoother sailing in the upcoming months. 

Even with these two giant planets moving forward, life won’t seem to get back to normal until mid-November when both Mars and Mercury will have finished their retrogrades.

Mercury will be retrograde from October 14 to November 4, 2020. Between now and October 14, use the time to make plans, back up your data, organize any travel (if you must travel), and to clarify and communicate the details of your projects in the clearest language possible.

Use the month from mid-October mid-November to rest. As mentioned previously, don’t push things while Mars is retrograde. Rather, step back and allow the pieces to change positions before falling into place on their own. When Mars begins moving forward mid-November, there will be a tremendous release of energy.

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