Are you interested in a reading?

Most of my readings are done in writing because clients prefer the ease with which they can refer to the document later when issues come up. All readings include a copy of the chart(s) being discussed.

Certain readings can be given over Skype, or in person, if you are in the area of Torino, Italy. If we Skype, an audio recording of the conversation will be made. Shortly after the reading, you will be given a link to where you can download the recording.

Fees are in euro and are paid via PayPal or bank transfer. When payment and birth data are received, I will contact you to schedule our conversation, or, if the reading is being written, to inform you of when you can expect it.

I’ll need this information to do your reading:

Exact birth time : hour & minute

Location : city, state or region & country

Date : day, month & year

In the off chance that there is a technical issue with the recording that renders it unlistenable or unrecorded, it is a good idea to also record it on your side.

I consider my capacity as an astrologer a serious responsibility. Please know that I won’t share your personal information nor the details of your chart or readings with anyone else.