Archetype correlations & House demarkations

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Now that we’ve understood how the houses get their basic energy, let’s discuss how the planets, signs and houses are inter-connected and few other fundamentals.

Each of the 12 houses in the wheel has a ‘natural sign’, a resonant archetype, that is similar in quality and character.

The correlations between the houses, signs and planets are not exact but they are resonant and natural, and they continue to evolve as humanity evolves. Not so long ago, western civilization only knew of planets out to Saturn. When Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered (*), house rulerships and the archetypes adjusted to reflect these higher octave expressions and our newly-gotten galactic and spiritual awareness of ourselves.

For example, Aquarius was classically ruled by Saturn so, today, many people consider Aquarius to be ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Those two planets do describe the two ways that we make change and become less attached (Aquarius): incrementally, when feedback tells us we need to make slight adjustments, or catastrophically, because the needed slight tweeks were met with so much resistance. Saturn’s change is like rearranging lawn chairs. Uranus’s change is a revolution.


When one is born, one of the twelve constellations (the signs) is rising on the eastern horizon. That is one’s ‘rising sign‘. Chartwise, that sign rules our 1st house. Naturally, the sign opposite that sign becomes the ruler of the opposing house, the 7th house. This is the Ascendant/Descendant (ASC/DC) horizontal axis. This axis is the first beat, the initial spark of Spirit into matter, the Space of ‘Time and Space’.

The vertical axis is defined by the mid-heaven (MH) at or near the top, and the IC at the bottom. (Imum Coeli means, literally, “bottom of the sky”). The signs at these points, the 10th and 4th house cusps, are representative of (among other things) the parental connection and the structure and character of the ego. This axis is the second beat of Spirit into matter which brings Order into Chaos, and Time into Space.

There are various ways to calculate the cross-quarter demarkations, various ‘house systems’, ways to slice up the pie. All the house systems are based on mathematical calculations. Most popular is Placidius, and a lot of folks using Jeff Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology, including JWG himself, use the porphory house system. I use the Koch house system (based on things I read in the writings of Dane Rudhyar as well as personal observation of charts under the various systems). I encourage people to discover for themselves which house system works for them.


(*) = Uranus was discovered by accident (unexpectedly!) March 13, 1781 when there were revolutions world-wide (Uranus rules unexpected events). Neptune was discovered September 23, 1846 when antiseptic was revolutionizing medical care (Neptune rules institutional healing). Pluto was discovered February 18, 1930, during the American depression (Pluto rules other people’s money and manipulation).