Introducing Quality Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology

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Linda Goodman’s ubiquitous book Sun Signs, borrowed off of my mother’s bookshelf when I was 16, was my first exposure to the world of archetypes and tropical astrology. Another ten years would go by before I would finally have a reading done for me by a professional, but with that first book, I sensed the truth behind the archetypes and the psychology of planetary influence.

After decades of chewing on the concepts, reading dozens of books, many years of study, and a number of astrological readings given and received, I remain impressed by the depth of information provided by the wheel. Byway of specific placements and the interactions of points and planets, the wheel tells us not only the What of who we are, it also tells us the Why, and the What For.

Evolutionary Astrology, the form of astrology I practice, goes deep into the Who, the Why, and the What For. Each of us is perfect as we are, being particularly wired and leaning in certain directions for a reason. My readings provide context for your present personality and life’s experiences by giving you the framework to understand yourself, why things are as they are and what for. With a Quality Astrology reading you can make the most of the planetary influences.


Please do check out the Readings page of the website and get in touch. It would be my pleasure to discuss your chart or issue with you.